My obsession or possesion

I think i might have been possessed, yes  i said if Possessed! But not by a demon or entity but…….books! I know it sounds crazy right? but every time i see books for sale ( and i mean use books because me and b&n don’t get along very well but that’s for another post) i have to buy at least one but than that turns into 12!!! And when i run in to the library for one book i end up checking out 4, so than i have 12 books i bought; 4 books i checked out and i don’t know how i got any of them! And last time i counted i was at 380 books i own and i bought A LOT more since then! Well now that i have clarified that i must go and read a little more before this night ends


Yes i sleep with all them, see i told you possessed!  🙂

As always,
Happy Reading!


About Northern Belle Bookworm

I am a lover of books! I spend my time holding, smelling and just gazing at them!
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