Cave of the Clan bear

So i’ve been reading a lot of YA fiction books and i have been loving them but last night i just couldn’t take reading about teenage werewolves and witches. So i picked up something totally different than what i am use to. Cave of the Clan Bear by Jean M. Auel, my best friends step dad recommended it and i have to admit i was hesitant about it because…well truthfully her step dad is pretty weird, but once i read more about it on i was like i might like it! The main thing that got me was that it’s about history, and me being an history major i had to give it a try! I am only on page 40 and it has me hooked but i can tell it’s going to be one of them books that will take me some time to read. There is so much information that it will not be a book i can just rush through and i kind of don’t want to. History is my major but i am not good with the pre-historic time and Mrs. Auel knows her stuff and i am all willing to learn from her!


The Clan of the Cave Bear take places 35,000 years ago there’s a young girl name Ayla who gets seperated from her family after i massive earthquake and she is left for dead. During the earthquake a clan of neanderthals loses their home aka their cave, they are on their way to find a new cave. Iza is one of the women of the group and she’s the medicine woman, she finds little Ayla and decides to take her with them. The story goes on to tell how Ayla is adopted in to the clan and her growth and how she finds her way back to her people.

I love how Mrs. Auel shows a point of view of the neanderthals and homo sapiens sapiens living in the same time period together. I plan on doing a post every so often to keep everyone posted!


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Happy Readings!!


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