My love of old things! <3

ImageI was at work the other day and had to straighten up the magazine rack, which can be dangerous because i Love magazine’s almost as much as i love books. I was trying my hardest not to look at them but it didn’t work. I did find two Amazing magazines i never heard of. The first i bought right away, it’s called Flea Market Style, which basically sums up my style in one magazine. The first thing i notice when i started looking at the magazine was that it has a nice list of flea markets , antique shops etc. all through it. And some are actually close (amazing cause nothing is ever close to me). The articles have great advice if you are a newbie at flea markets and advice for the ones who know their stuff!  One of the article that really stuck out was one about Ki Nassauer, who is a writer for FMS and Mary Kay Andrews, who is best-selling author and wrote one of my favorite books Summer RentalsImage. Well these two ladies met up and did a antiquing tour through georgia. The pieces they found are great but just reading about how Ms.Andrews gets inspired and when she is having a writer block she walks through some of these places and founds things that help her push through her novels. I love when i can combine my love of books and flea markets. Actually reading that article inspired me more to start this blog! 🙂Image
Now on to the second magazine i got, which i have to thank my amazing boyfriend for buying me 🙂 . The second one is called Vintage & VictorianImage and the cover is what really caught my attention. The cover has a bed with a beautiful head board (which they tell you how to make). i love articles called now and then, in this one they tell you what the victorians used and how we can re-use them. Example Doily’s the victorians used them all around their house to protect their furniture, we can still do that but they showed how we can sew them together and make a garland, for Christmas or everyday. They also tell us how they started the whole scrapbooking trend, which we can do but they explain how we can show off our scrapbooking by putting them in shadow boxes, simple and a beautiful way to show off what you made. They also show how we can make clutter look good?? i know sounds strange but they did it.Image
I love how many people are seeing the beauty in old items, with a little love you can make anything beautiful and useful. With these kind of magazines out it is spreading the word and maybe more people will catch on. Not only is it cheaper but it’s greener, re-using  items instead of letting them just go in the trash. So next time you see a thrift store stop and take a looksy. Or even a cute little antique store, you never know what kind of diamond is in the rough.
If anyone is in the New Jersey area drop me a note and tell me about the neat places you have found, well i must get back to my book.
As Always,
Happy Reading!!

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I am a lover of books! I spend my time holding, smelling and just gazing at them!
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