Call The Midwife!


Even though i love books and thrifty things i do watch the occasional T.V shows. One of my new favorite is a British show called Call the Midwife. I know i haven’t told everyone about my love for England, but i do! I love everything about England or the British Isles. My love for England Started when i was 10 to 11 when i read my first book about King Henry VIII and Elizabeth I and i fell in love!!! So when my boyfriends mother told me about the show on PBS i was like i have to watch it. This show takes place in the the 1950’s in London, the first episode introduces jenny lee who just got out of school. She gets a job at a nursing convent with nuns and other midwives. The first episode takes you in and you feel the pain of the people living back then. They work in the east side of London witch is poorer and jenny lee isn’t use to it at all. But she is a brave girl and gets right it and learn to love her job and the people she works with and the women she help! If you are ever bored one Sunday night and have nothing to read or watch just turn on the PBS and fall in love with these midwives. And if anyone know of any good books about midwives in this time and in England please let me know!

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Happy Reading!!


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I am a lover of books! I spend my time holding, smelling and just gazing at them!
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