Oh Where, Oh Where Can My Little Dog Be? Or Tiger? Or Bear?


Hurricane Sandy is really starting to hit here pretty well, and something my boyfriends mom and I have been thinking about is where do all the animals for the shelter or zoo or any place that has animals, go? I am a HUGE animal lover and this really bothers me. I know there is shelters in some of our low lying places and the shelters have a chance of flooding, So where do they put these animals? I mean the poor little kitty’s and dog’s can’t build a raft and travel down streamImage. I haven’t seen anything about needing foster homes for these animals just for the storm. Also what about the zoos? I have seen in the past when animals have gotten out during hurricanes and they ended up shooting them because they couldn’t tranquilize them. I think every place that has animals should have a animal evacuation plan, i wouldn’t mind taking in a lion or bear ha ha!!


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