A beacon of light

Sitting in my living room with no power but feeling very blessed too be alive and to have my family and friends be ok. Hurricane Sandy made a grand appearance last night and with that it governor of New Jersey Chris Christie really showed how much he cared about our state! He made a mandatory evacuation of our whole jersey shore and guess what half the people didn’t listen. Some mayors thought they knew more and didn’t push the evacuation and still blamed gov Christie but that didn’t stop his compassion for the people trapped down there. I know this is one of my serious blogs but i had to let people know how me and my family are feeling about this situation. I am sending prayers out to everyone affected by hurricane sandy. And if you weren’t hit badly go out and volunteer. Me and my wonderful bf have decided to head down to our shores and help in any way we can. If you would like information about how to volunteer just email me or leave a comment!

I would also like to take the time to say North Carolina you are all in my prayers! I am from the outer banks and they were hit very bad! Everyone please say a extra prayer for them!!

As Always,
Happy Readings!!


About Northern Belle Bookworm

I am a lover of books! I spend my time holding, smelling and just gazing at them!
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