The Third: Taken at Dusk by C.C. Hunter

So one of my first blogs was about this series and how i was reading the third one and guess what? i finished it. Let me tell you a little about the series. The first book started with an average 16 year old girl name Kylie Galen, who’s parents happen to be going through a divorce. Kylie goes to a party and gets caught drinking, so her mom and therapist thinks she needs to go to a camp for troubled teens. Once kyliei sthere she realize this isn’t your typical camp, everyone there is supernatural and she isn’t, right? The leader Holiday, thinks she is but no one knows what she is. And to make it worse is there is two very hot guys who want her. Lucas a very sexy werewolf who she knows from her past and he might of eaten who kitten? weird i know. Then there is a half-fae or fairy however you want to say it, who adores kylie and will love her through it all. Image


I’m going to skip a little and talk about the third one. Taken at Dusk is taking place a Shadow Falls, Kylie still has no clue what she is but she knows she belongs at Shadow Falls. Kylie has shown signs of every supernatural and no one can tell her what she is. But her main gift is talking to the dead that’s how she finally figure out who her real dad is and found his adopted parents, they actually come to Shadow Falls but she finds out they really aren’t her grandparents but they are someone important. Kylie does start dating Lucas in this one and Derek brings his ex girlfriend Ellie who is a vampire to the camp and even though Kylie wants to hate her she can’t and actually become her friend. Red the mean rogue vampire or what ever he is starts dreamscaping with her and his grandfather still wants to kill her because……they know what she is. Wat ever they are , that’s what she is and if she doesn’t join their league they will kill her. I don’t want to give everything away but this is a book you don’t want to miss!!


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