Yard Sale Yard Sale Yard Sale

Does anyone know what is so great about Saturday’s?? YARD SALE’S!!!!!

Me, being in love with anything cheap and thrifty and where is the best place to find these things, is of course Yard Sales. Today was a great day because the town my boyfriend lives in had the whole town having a yard sale. Believe it or not i only but one thing at the town yard sale. How can you tell if it is a good yard sale to stop at

First never stop if they have only a couple things out, if you can see everything from your car then there is no reason to stop unless you are looking for an big item Tables,Couch,ETC.

Second one of my big pet peeves is if everything is thrown on the ground, with not even a blanket under it. If they did care about it enough to place it nicely out, than most likely they didn’t treat it right when they had it in their house.

besides those two reasons i almost always stop. You never know what you can find, my one find today was not the best bargain but i really liked and kinda felt bad for the lady i bought it for. It was a irish santa clause looking guy white beard and all, but had an irish shirt on and relaxng on some rocks and plays danny boy, i usaully wouldn’t have payed anymore then five dollars but the lady told me how she was having troubles and needed the money she made today for her family so i paid ten dollars, which i would never pay usually.


Before i went to the yards sales, i went with my aunt to Cowtown which is a flea market of sort but next to Cowtown is a thrift store, one of the best in my area in my opinion. It has two rooms of books, three rooms of clothes and like three more rooms of everything else. I went in not looking for anything; i picked up three books and then went in the knick knack room and found a little table with a hurricane lamp on it made out of wood and they are the size for a doll house but i love little things like that. Then i found a little glass sign for my bookshelf but the best find was this wooden box, the paint job was terrible but it is made with real wood and i knew i could re make it and make it beautiful again. So that box is my knew project and i will keep everyone updated on my progress with that and i will put pictures up later of all my great finds today!!

So next time your out on a saturday morning check out your local yardsale’s, remember someone’s trash is another persons treasure.


As Always,

Happy Readings!!!



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I am a lover of books! I spend my time holding, smelling and just gazing at them!
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