Dark Lover By J.R Ward



Have you ever heard so much about a book that it actually turned you off of it? Well that’s how i felt about Dark Lover! Everyone i know in my book clubs have read them all and is always bragging about them! So, i guess you are asking how i started reading them, well it all started when we had a “Pick it for me” Challenge and someone picked this for me!

I started it yesterday and two pages in i knew i was hooked, i have never had a book draw me in so easily as this one. Let’s get one thing straight I am NOT a vampire junky novel reader, yes i did enjoy Twilight and i have read a couple other vampire books, but i do not go out searching for new vampire books. But i will admit i will most likely continue on in this series and recommended to anyone who hasn’t read it yet!!

If anyone else has read this, drop by and let me know how you like this book, i am always up for discussion!!


As Always,

Keep Reading!!


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I am a lover of books! I spend my time holding, smelling and just gazing at them!
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2 Responses to Dark Lover By J.R Ward

  1. Did you read any of the rest of the series? I absolutely fell for Zsadist and Rhage is a close second. I finished Lover Enshrined today and just couldn’t get into it. Phury did do it for me.

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