As everyone knows I am a avid Goodreads user, I am up there four or five times a day and always looking to add new books and stay in touch with my “Book Friends”. Well, It just hit me that I have A LOT of books on my TBR list and that isn’t making me happy 😦 So I have started a challenge for myself. I am starting at the top of my TBR list and reading each book, I might cheat here or there if there is a book I am dying to read but besides that I am sticking to my list this year! And so you all know I am doing that I will be reviewing each book I read! Also my Goodreads account is connected to this blog so you can go up there and see my progress or tell me if you read any of the books I am about to read! I hope I can inspire other people to make a dent in their TBR list!

As Always,

Happy Reading!!


About Northern Belle Bookworm

I am a lover of books! I spend my time holding, smelling and just gazing at them!
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2 Responses to Challenge

  1. That’s a great idea. I really need to do this. I have so many books on my Kindle that have been sitting there forever.

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