The Dead and Buried

Type of book: YA Paranormal

Author: Kim Harrington

First Sentence: “I’m not stupid.”

the dead andburied

                                                                   Spooky and Engaging

 I came across this book on one of my many searches on Goodreads and knew it would be right up my ally. The book is about a teenage girl name Jade, she lost her mom when she was nine and her dad remarried a couple years later. She now has a little brother, who she adores and her family just moved into a beautiful house in a new town. Life is great for jade, right?  The first morning they are to start their new school, Jades little brother Colby tells her he saw a glimmering girl in his room last night. Colby, who is five has never lied to her, why would he start now? Jades first day didn’t go as plan and the whole school seems to know something she doesn’t. Well come to find out Colby isn’t lying and there is a glimmering girl in his room. Her name is Kayla Sloane, she died in this house just last year and guess what? she was the queen bee of the school and everyone thinks she was murdered. Now to protect her family Jade must find out the truth before Kayla takes her revenge out on Colby!

This story pulled me in right at the start, it went right in to the paranormal and that’s what I like. Through the whole book you see passages from Kayla’s diary and you really don’t know why until the end. One of my favorite part is that Jade has a jewelry box filled with gems. Her mother was a jewelry designer and Jade explains all these different kinds of stones all through the book, very interesting! This book is definitely one of my new favorites and I would recommend it to anyone who likes paranormal or a good mystery, this story has a little of both! Five stars all the way!

Check the book out on Goodreads.


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