Interview with L.A. Jones!

I am always so amazed by how generous writers are when I ask if I can do a interview. The other day I had a writer reach out to me and ask me to read her book and review it, of course I said Yes!! but I asked in return could I do a interview, very happily she said Yes!! I would like to introduce Ms. L.A. Jones, she is new author with her first series out! I got the honor of reading her first book, Tales of Aradia: Last Witch, which I reviewed a couple days ago, and I was not disappointed!

O.k Ms. Jones Tell me a little bout yourself!

I am twenty six year old in college. I have a mother, a father, and a sister. I also have a dog and a cat.


What was been the biggest obstacle when writing this series?

Truly what was the biggest obstacle was getting an editor. You wouldn’t believe how much editors charge. I was at my wit’s end on finding way to pay for it. I knew I needed an editor but there was no way I could afford it. Lo and behold, I met Harrison R. Bradlow who not only would become my editor but my partner. He has helped me enormously with my series. Right now, he was working on editing my second book.


 How did you come up with the idea for this series “Tales of Aradia?

The idea for Aradia came from a bunch of things. Ever seen the TV series Avatar the last airbender? I found the idea interesting but the thing is the main character truly wasn’t the last airbender. I started thinking what if there was someone who was the last of their kind. Imagine if a dinosaur existed in this day and age? It would be the last of their kind. So I started brainstorming, upon researching current events I found things like genocide. I think the true intent of genocide is to kill off an entire race of people. As history has proven, such a thing cannot be done. However, what if there were circumstances involved that would end up causing an entire race of people disappearing from existence. Furthermore, what if only one person survived and was the absolute last of their kind? I also researched other topics such as women in power and third world countries. Things like religion and politics are very thorny subjects yet we should not ignore them. I started thinking what if we could use fantasy as a metaphor for such a subject. It’s been done in Animal Farm and other books. All these thoughts helped me to develop the concept of Aradia: the absolute last witch on earth being swept into another political world. In the hidden race, lawlessness and underdevelopment abound yet because Aradia is the last of her kind she can change all that.


Is there someone you look up to?

Yes, there is my mentor Steven Pressfield who wrote the War of Art. In addition to J.K. Rowling and Amelia Atwater-Rhodes.


Will you be writing another book or series?

Yes. Harrison and I have discussed this. I believe after we finish the Aradia series we will start a brand new one.

And my last question.

d\Do you have any advice for fellow writers or people who are thinking about writing?

My advice is be open-minded to advice. Embrace all criticism, whether it be constructive or not. Most of all, I recommend not giving up.

Thank you Ms. Jones for doing this interview with me and I can not wait to start the second book in your series!


I was truly amazed by Ms. Jones and I loved the way her story flowed! After reading her Bio on Goodreads and on her Facebook I truly learned how dedicated she is and even with her obstacles she doesn’t let any of that get in her way! She should be an inspiration to us all!

Look her up on Facebook:

Find her on Goodreads along with her books!:



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