Collide Review By Lauren Burke!

Type of Book: Contemporary Romance

Author: Gail McHugh
First Line: “She calculated the flight from Colorado to New York at three hours and forty five minutes, after which she knew her life would be forever changed–more so than it already had.”
Last Line: “The latter propelled her out into the cold winter air. Tick-tock.”
My Favorite Quote: “Fate and the roads that get placed in front of us. It’s like one huge puzzle that ultimately fits in the end.”
                                                            A Tug of War Romance
At a young age, Emily Cooper has faced much tragedy in her life, with her mother dying from breast cancer. Upon graduating college, she moves to New York City to start a new chapter in her life and to be closer to her boyfriend, Dillon Parker. Dillon is an attentive, at times overly possessive, boyfriend who has taken care of Emily through this hard time in her life, yet when Emily moves to New York City she become frustrated with Dillon working such late nights as a stockbroker. While trying to secure a teaching position in the fall, Emily waits tables at a restaurant over the summer. A chance encounter with a sexy, mysterious man leaves Emily curious and entranced. Emily describes her encounter and the mystery man in detail to her roommate, Olivia, whom has never cared for Emily’s boyfriend and makes that perfectly clear. Emily collides with this sexy stranger yet again as he becomes less of a stranger when introduced to Emily as Dillon’s friend and business associate, Gavin Blake, a wealthy playboy. Gavin has the sexy grin down to a T, yet Emily finds herself questioning his reputation as events transpire, allowing Emily to see a side to Gavin she thought did not exist. Emily knows she loves Dillon, but this love is tested when Gavin Blake is anywhere near her. Gavin Blake feels a unique pull to and desire to protect Emily, but as she is Dillon’s girlfriend it makes matters complicated, despite the truth Gavin knows about his friend. Emily finds herself being torn in two different directions, between two men she loves deeply, Dillon who was there for her through her mother’s death and Gavin who sets her body on fire yet is protective and caring. In the process of Emily’s decision making, hearts will shatter, friendships will break, and Emily’s life will be changed forever.
Collide by Gail McHugh was extremely well written, the characters seemed so lifelike I found myself relating to several of them over the course of the novel. Telling this story from the perspectives of Emily and Gavin gave incredible insight into how both characters were navigating this battlefield of emotions, friendships, and truths. I must caution that this story has a sequel entitled Pulse, which is due out this summer.
I highly recommend this novel if you enjoy lots of drama and angst, love triangles, duel perspectives, and a novel that captivates as well as entertains.
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