Places I Buy My Books!

As you all know I am an avid reader, but I am also an buyer of books. I think I like buying books more then anything else I like to buy. I get my books at different locations and many different online sites. I wanted to make a page dedicated to buying books. I think I might be a little strange because I honestly love the smell of books and owning them. The thought of putting new books on my bookshelf, excites me. So I want to be able to share with you places where you can get your little pieces of heaven.

The first place I want to mention is thrift stores or Goodwill. I have always been a softy for a good thrift store, so of course the first section I check out is the book section. You would be surprise to see how good their section is.

Second places I want to mention is KMart, WalMart, and Target. Their book section has been getting better and better over the years, also their prices are great. They’re not going to have every book you want, but they will have the most popular ones and new releases. Oh I almost forgot you can check out their websites and see what books they have.

And lastly is Barnes and Nobles, this is not my very place to go but their bargain section is great. I don’t go here often but if I am dying for a book and my library doesn’t have it, I will dish out the money and go there.

I almost forgot to mention garage sales and library book sales. I am at my local libraries all the time, I feel like if you are active reader you should have a library card and use it a lot. My libraries are always having book sales or even giving books away, also I would rather give my money to a library, then a big book store. Garage sales are great as well, and you can get people to lower the prices, which is always great!

I just want to mention that you should always support your small local book stores. I really don’t have any by me but I am all for supporting small businesses.

Now I want to list some of the online store I use for buying my books.

1.My number one place is Amazon. I am so in love with amazon, its an addiction. Their prices are great and shipping is reasonable. I always check here first before I look at any other site.
2.My next favorite is bookoutlet. This website is great for getting new books for a great price and they are always adding new inventory so you have to check daily! Their shipping is reasonable and it is pretty fast. I just found out about them 2 weeks ago and I have already placed 3 orders…..uh oh hehe.
3.My next favorite is Thriftbooks. This place has free shipping, that’s all I really need to say.

Those are all my favorite places, what are some of yours? comment and let me know!


About Northern Belle Bookworm

I am a lover of books! I spend my time holding, smelling and just gazing at them!
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