The Internet Girls Series( TTYL, TTFN, L8R,G8R, and YOLO) By Lauren Myracle


Synopsis for TTYL:Audacious author Lauren Myracle accomplishes something of a literary miracle in her second young-adult novel, ttyl (Internet instant messaging shorthand for “talk to you later”), as she crafts an epistolary novel entirely out of IM transcripts between three high-school girls.

Far from being precious, the format proves perfect for accurately capturing the sweet histrionics and intimate intricacies of teenage girls. Grownups (and even teenage boys) might feel as if they’ve intercepted a raw feed from Girl Secret Headquarters, as the book’s three protagonists–identified by their screen names “SnowAngel,” “zoegirl,” and “mad maddie”–tough their way through a rough-and-tumble time in high school. Conversations range from the predictable (clothes, the delicate high-school popularity ecosystem, boys, boys in French class, boys in Old Navy commercials, etc.) to the the jarringly explicit (the girls discuss female ejaculation: “some girls really do, tho. i read it in our bodies, ourselves”) and the unintentionally hilarious (Maddie’s IM reduction of the Christian poem “Footprints”–“oh, no, my son. no, no, no. i was carrying u, don’t u c?”).

But Myracle’s triumph in ttyl comes in leveraging the language-stretching idiom of e-mail, text messaging, and IM. Reaching to express themselves, the girls communicate almost as much through punctuation and syntactical quirks as with words: “SnowAngel: ‘cuz–drumroll, please–ROB TYLER is in my french class!!! *breathes deeply, with hand to throbbing bosom* on friday we have to do “une dialogue” together. i get to ask for a bite of his hot dog.'”

Titles: TTYL, TTFN, L8R, G8R, and YOLO

Author: Lauren Myracle

Series Rating: 5/5!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

My Thoughts:

I first started this series back when TTYL came out in 2004, I was a freshman in high school and really loved this book. I then went on to read the next one, TTFN and enjoyed it as well. I always wanted to pick up the third one L8R, G8R, but never did. When i saw that there was a fourth one out I knew I had to finish the series. I went back and re-read the first two and laughed just as much as i did when i was 15, and at 25 i still laughed and enjoyed the last two just as much. You meet three best friends Zoe(zoegirl), Maddie(mad maddie), and Angela(snowangel), in the first book they are sophomores in high school. You go through their first of everything with them all the way up to their freshman year in college, which is book four(YOLO). These books are just so much fun, it really took me back to my teenage years and made me remember all those awkward times i went through. The best part about these books is that they are written in text form, like IM’s or texts on your cell phone. It’s just so funny to see how young girls talk and dramatize everything and i was definitely one of those girls. I will always hold a special place in my heart for these books and one day pass them on my drama-queens daughters!


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