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Hi everyone I am back with a list of my Favorite Graphic Novels! I have to admit I am new to the whole graphic novel scene, I read my first one the middle of last year and loved it and never looked back! I just wanted to show you my favorite and hopefully you can tell me some of your favorites!

  1. Saga Volume 1-4 By Brian K.Vaughn Illustration By Fiona Staplessaga                                                                                                            I really enjoyed these graphic novels. This series really got me into the graphic novel world. These GN’s are not for a younger audience, there is violence and lots of sexual things. I would recommend this to any one!
  2. Rat Queens Volume 1 By Kurtis J. Wiebe Illustration By Roc Upchurchrat queens                                                   I read this the beginning of this year and loved it! This has some super bad-ass chicks and really fun to read. This second one comes out in May and I am already Pre-Ordering it!
  3. Amulet Volume 1-6 By Kazu Kibuishi amulet1                                                  I just started and finished this series this month! It is a fantasy middle grade graphic novel. The characters are lovable and the adventures you go on are amazing! I believe there is three more to come in this series.
  4. Alex+Ada Volume 1 By Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughnalex and ada                                                                        I also read this one this month. This is a great futuristic GN, the art is great and the story really flows. The second on comes out this month.
  5. Morning Glories Volume 1-2morning glories333                                                                                              I have only read two in this series and I believe there is seven all together and it is a finish series. This one was hard to get into but once I got to the second one, I loved it!
  6. Vampire Academy Volume 1 By Richelle Mead Illustrated By Emma Viecelivampire academy                                          This is a graphic novel that goes with the actual book. I have only read the first book and the first graphic novel as well. The art in this is beautiful and I like the story told this way better than the actual book.
  7. The Lightening Thief The Graphic Novel By Rick Riordan Illustrated ByJosé Villarrubia and Attila Futaki  teh lightening thief This I picked up with out reading the actual book but I loved it so much. It’s fun, adventurous and takes me to another place, which is what I love about GN.
  8. The Pretenders: Cemetery Girl By Charlaine Harris and Christopher Golden Illustrated By Don Kramercemetery girl    This was my first GN i picked up and it will always hold a special place in my heart. This is spooky and just fun to read. I can not wait for the next one.  

That is my list of favorite graphic novels so far, like I said I am very new with graphic novels and can’t wait to explore this genre more!


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