Currently Reading!

Hi everyone! I decided that every sunday I will tell you what I am reading at the moment. I am always reading 2 or more books at a time and I like doing that because I never get bored and it really helps me from falling in to a hateful reading slump. As of right now I am reading 4 books. 

The first book I am reading is Phantom Evil by Heather Graham. I started this like the second day in november. When it comes to Heather Graham books I like to read them slow, I love taking in everything about it. Her books are mostly paranormal/mystery and always have some kind of history in it. I love her writing and this one is just as good!

pahntom evil

I also started Stepbrother Dearest By Penelope Ward. This book was picked for me in one of my Goodreads groups. This is a New Adult book and to be honest it isn’t something I usually read but I owned and wanted to finally read it and see if I like it. So far I am not liking it but I will push through it!


I also started The Lightning Thief By Rick Riordan. This was also picked for me in one of my Goodreads groups. I have wanted to read this for a long time and I bought the whole series. I have to admit I do not like middle grade books so much but I am excited about this and actually enjoying it!

the lightning thief

And the last book I started is What We Left Behind by Robin Talley. This book just came out last month and has been on my TBR since I heard about in the beginning of the year. I wasn’t expecting to pick this up right now but when I saw it at my local library I grabbed it. I am really enjoying this one and love this authors writing!


What are you guys reading? Have you read any of these?  let me know down below! 


About Northern Belle Bookworm

I am a lover of books! I spend my time holding, smelling and just gazing at them!
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